ITSシンポジウム 投稿分野


A. Challenges and Opportunities of Big Open Data

  • Open data management and application
  • Data sharing and exchange
  • Ubiquitous sensing
  • Technology for data collection
  • Availability and quality of data
  • Data visualisation
  • Data fusion
  • Predictive analytics
  • New business models for traveller information
  • Security in an open environment

B. Smart Cities and New Urban Mobility

  • Integrated transport system
  • Next generation traffic management
  • Transport modelling
  • Road user charging
  • Travel demand management
  • Integrated ticketing and payment
  • Incident management

C. Automated Vehicles and Cooperative ITS

  • V2X Communication technologies and Cooperative systems
  • Human factors and human machine interface
  • Field operational tests, pilots and demonstrations
  • Positioning, mapping and navigation
  • Security and integrity for connected and automated vehicles
  • Mobility as a service – a transport revolution?
  • Infrastructure and regulation needs for a mixed-capability fleet

D. Mobile Applications

  • Multi modal real time information
  • Multi modal journey planner
  • Demand responsive public transport
  • Taxi and parking reservation
  • Real time traffic advisory

E. Vehicle and Network Safety

  • Speed advice and restriction
  • Technology and system for safety and enforcement
  • Advanced driver assistance and support systems
  • Human factors
  • Emergency pre-emption and notification
  • Post-crash response
  • Improving safety of vulnerable road users
  • e-call
  • Roadwork safety and inclement weather management
  • Preventative and active safety systems

F. Future Freight including Aviation and Maritime

  • Freight and fleet management
  • Logistics
  • Railway network operation
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS / RPAS / Drones)

G. Environmental Sustainability

  • Environmental impact reduction
  • Electro mobility and charging
  • Eco driving
  • Reducing noise
  • Car sharing, bicycle sharing and ride sharing
  • Encouraging active transport and mode shift