Workshop on Connected and Automated Driving Systems

Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP)

SIP is aiming to realize Innovation through promoting R&D at all stages by enhancing cross-ministerial cooperation. One of the SIP research themes is Automated Driving System, developing new transportation systems including technologies for avoiding accidents and alleviating congestion.

Outline of SIP Automated Driving System project
presented at the 21th ITS World Congress, Detroit 2014

SIS72 was organized titled as ‘Automated Driving Technology Research in Japan: Strategic Innovation Promotion Program’. The Program Director, Dr. Hiroyuki Watanabe, and leading members of the project unveiled the outline of the project. Summary was also displayed in the exhibition hall.

SIP0_Amano  SIP3_Fukushima  SIP6_Kuzumaki


SIP4_Segawa  SIP7_Kawamoto
SIP2_Tanuma SIP5_Yokoyama  SIP_exhibition

SIP-adus Workshop on Connected and Automated Driving Systems