Privacy Policy

ITS Japan understands the importance of personal information. It promotes the following measures and strictly observes all laws and regulations related to personal information in order to ensure thorough protection of such information.

  1. When obtaining personal information from clients, such as their name, address, telephone number or email address, ITS Japan shall clarify the intended purposes of use of such information to the greatest degree possible, and only acquire such information within the minimum required scope.
  2. ITS Japan shall only use personal information for valid and legitimate purposes such as providing clients with useful information and services via email, postal mail, telephone call or other means.
  3. ITS Japan shall appropriately manage any personal information which it acquires and shall not disclose any such information to any third parties under any circumstances except where the express permission of the relevant individual is obtained or where required by law. In addition, when providing personal information of clients to third parties, said third parties shall be charged with obligations to appropriately manage said information through contract agreements.
  4. ITS Japan shall adopt reasonable safety measures in an effort to prevent illegal access, loss, alteration or leaks of personal information collected.
  5. In the event a client requests the disclosure, revision, etc., of their own personal information, such requests shall be complied with, within reasonable limits, only if the client’s identity can be verified.