ITS GREEN SAFETY is a Public-Private collaborative project that aims “For a Greener and Safer Society” using Cooperative ITS by improving traffic concerns.
Cooperative ITS communicates to drivers necessary real time information to help realize not only safer transportation and people-friendly environment but comfortable driving by road Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V), Vehicle to Vehicle(V2V) and Vehicle to Pedestrian(V2P) communication.
ITS GREEN SAFETY SHOWCASE provides experiences of the five cutting-edge cooperative ITS showcases from commenced services to under development on Tokyo Metropolitan public roads.

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The five cutting-edge cooperative ITS showcases

Next generation DSSS (I2V)

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Next-generation Driving Safety Support Systems (DSSS) consists of the technologies including devices for I2V communication via infrared beacons and radio waves, and roadside sensing equipment to detect vehicles and pedestrians.
In this demonstration, participants will experience DSSS on ordinary roads around the venue with image display and audio guidance designed for next-generation DSSS.
The demonstration will include the systems which are based on the information from infra sensors such as Right Turn Collision Prevention System and Left Turn Collision with Motorcycles Prevention System.
It will also include Signal Information Drive Systems (SIDS) for ensuring safe and smooth flow at intersections and reducing CO2 emissions by providing signal information.

Cooperative Advanced Safety Vehicles (V2V,V2P)

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Study Group for Promotion of Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV), a joint initiative involving industry, academia and government, has developed communication-based advanced safe driving assistance systems.
The demonstration will show how driving assistance systems with vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian communication work in different traffic conditions.
The demonstration will provide drivers with information on potential hazards such as the approach of vehicles and pedestrians in order to prevent accidents caused by driver oversight due to low visibility or inattention.
In order to support drivers, vehicles equipped with the systems can recognize the traffic conditions around them and support drivers even when visibility is low.

ITS Spot Services (I2V)

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ITS Spot services, the world’s first vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system, started nationwide in 2011.
Both in the long and short course of this showcase, participants will experience the Dynamic Route Guidance rendered according to road congestion, the Safe Driving Support warnings to driver according to his driving speed against road alignment, events occurring on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway which have more than 1 million vehicles of daily traffic.
If you take a long course, cashless payment service at parking-lot using the ITS Spot (DSRC) OBU and a credit card, which is currently under technical study, will be also demonstrated. If you take a short course, you will enjoy the ITS Spot services with taking a ride on a next-generation fuel cell bus.

Smartway with ACC/CACC (I2V,V2V)

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Participants will experience the demonstration of congestion mitigation in sag sections of expressway in a vehicle equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) / Cooperative-ACC (CACC).
The relevant information about ACC/CACC settings will be provided via ITS Spot.
Receiving the information on the car navigation screen, the participants will experience ACC to adjust and maintain the distance between cars, and CACC to synchronize the movement of vehicles in a platoon using vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Mobile and ITS Spot cooperative Services (I2V)

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Experience next-generation ITS services offered by linking ITS Spot and smartphones.
Participants will make a round trip by bus from Odaiba to Umihotaru. During the trip, ITS Spot information (e.g. wide-area traffic jams, dangerous areas) and local information provided by a cellular network (e.g. traffic signs, landmarks) will be displayed on participants’ smartphones, and they will experience a safer, more comfortable highway drive suitable to place and time. Moreover, new services such as emergency evacuation information in the undersea Aqua Tunnel and a stamp collection rally at ITS Spot will be demonstrated.
Complementary use of ITS Spot and mobile networks-Traffic information from ITS Spot displayed on smartphones in English, Chinese and Japanese-Local information provided continuously via a mobile network-Collect a series of stamps at ITS Spot-In addition to smartphone sensors, information acquired from ITS Spot is used to accurately identify position in the tunnel.

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