About ITS

ITS offers a fundamental solution to various issues concerning transportation, which include traffic accidents, congestion and environmental pollution. ITS deals with these issues through the most advanced communications and control technologies. ITS receives and transmits information on humans, roads and automobiles.

By creating ideal traffic conditions, ITS system will reduce traffic accidents and congestion while saving energy and protecting the environment. ITS requires not only the roads to be intelligent but variety of transportation, such as railroad, aviation and marine, to cooperate with each other.
ITS is a national level project that will even change the system of society and it has great potential to create new industries and markets.

ITS market is expected to expand rapidly over the next few decade. Japan, as a major technological power, must work to pioneer new business opportunities by engaging in ITS-related research and development needed for constructing new road transport systems, thereby contributing to the well-being of the world.

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