The IT Strategic Headquarter of GOJ decided a road map for the “new IT Strategy”


(Date: 09 July 2010)

The meeting of the IT Strategic Headquarters (head: Prime Minister) released the road maps with specific work schedule for implementation of each policy for the “new IT Strategy” on 22nd June, 2010.

The Headquarters showed the clear targets, and the related-ministries in charge of each policy with the description of the three steps, short-term up to FY2011, medium-term up to FY 2013 and long-term from FY2014 up to FY2020.

Concerning ITS items, the IT Strategic Headquarters would promote the Safety Driving Support Systems to prevent traffic accidents and Green ITS to realize low carbon society. In FY2010, the related-ministries will set up the task forces, and prepare the work schedules.

Regarding Safety Driving Support Systems, the task force will promote the road infrastructure deployment and develop the integrated-type of on-board units in FY2010, and promote its deployment in FY2013.

Regarding Green ITS, in FY2010, the taskforce will integrate the various probe information in the Public/Private domain. The effectivity by using them for traffic congestion mitigation and CO2 emissions will be evaluated by simulation and used for advanced signal control. This will be demonstrated in a field operational test (FOT) in FY2011.

In FY2012, it will establish the Green ITS operational model which includes the cost sharing system and the range of data used in common regarding the collection and delivery of widespread road traffic information. And it will be also subject to large scale FOT for evaluating the effectivity by the real-time database system.

In FY2013, the system will start its operation, and it will be appealed widely inside/outside Japan at the 20th ITS World Congress to be held in Tokyo in 2013 for the actual deployment to start from FY2014.