The new IT Strategy launched by the government of Japan


(Date: 10 June 2010)

The meeting of the IT Strategic Headquarters (head: Prime Minister) decided the “new IT Strategy” on 11th May, 2010 which describes the short-term targets up to FY2013 and the long-term ones up to FY2020.

The Japanese government has been promoted ITS with several policies. One of them is “New IT Reform Strategy” released in 2006 with the scope of the practical application of the safety driving support systems with the cooperative systems for realizing “the world’s safest road traffic environment”. Another one is “i-Japan Strategy 2015” started in 2009, to additionally include the decrease of traffic congestion, improvement of logistic efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

The new IT Strategy formulated under the administration of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) consists of three main points; 1)”realization of E-Government service”, 2) “re-bonding local communities” and 3)”creation of new market and international expanding”. ITS is encouraged in the “2)” point – by introducing and deploying the safety driving support systems to revitalize local communities as well the “3)” point” – by halving the traffic congestion on main roads in Japan by FY2020 compared to those of FY2010 through ITS technologies. It also promotes “Green Mobility”, combining the smart grid technologies with the transport systems such as EV.

In the medium run, “Green Mobility” plans restraining of fossil fuel use by disseminating next generation vehicles (Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle), and in the short term, it also plans smoothing traffic flow by utilizing vehicle probe system, improving logistic efficiency, boosting the use rate of public transportation systems by enhancing the convenience utilizing public vehicle priority system, bus location system and so on.
The activities for reduction of CO2 emissions is promoted under the national project called “Six Pioneering Projects for Accelerating Technology Transfer to the Society” led by the Cabinet Office.
In terms of Safety, the government set a new target to decrease the number of traffic fatality less than 2500 hopefully by FY2018.

The ITS Strategic Headquarter is planning to prepare a road map with specific work schedule for implementation.