Asian Pacific ITS key players and policy makers got together at “Regional Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems”


(Date: 18 March 2010)

Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI) hosted “Regional Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems” in Tokyo on 8-10 March 2010.  With the support of ITS Japan, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Cabinet Office of Government of Japan and CITYNET, the workshop welcomed many ITS key players and policy makers over the Asia Pacific region covering the ADB members such as PR China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, as well as the resource speakers of ITS Asia-Pacific colleagues from Korea and Chinese Taipei.
The participants were engaged to the intensive three-day discussion with sharing the experiences, exchanging the views, recognizing the challenges for disseminating ITS and systematically using it in their countries/cities. They also found the importance of identifying the common strategy and concrete action to take for utilizing ITS as the effective means to address social and economic challenges in the Region.
The conclusion was agreed that the continuous dialogue should happen to benchmark progress and share experiences and good practical be continued on regular basis so that the output could be presented in the Tokyo ITS World Congress 2013.