Update of The Busan World Congress 25-29 October, 2010


(Date: 24 February 2010)

  • International Programme Committee (IPC) meeting for “the 17th ITS World Congress Busan, 2010” was held on 3-4, February, 2010 in Seoul. The Busan ITS World Congress Organizing Committee reported the preparation status, and the IPC members from all over the world agreed to the attractive outline of the session programs.
  • The World Congress is going to be held with the theme of “Ubiquitous Society with ITS”, and will bring the society of economic growth and environmental sustainability with the ITS utilization and CO2 emission reduction as well as the cutting-edge ITS technologies especially focusing on “Ubiquitous”.
  • Since its launch in November, 2009, the staff of the organizing committee has been making every effort toward the success of the congress in various preparation works. The paper submission achieved the target number of 1000 papers (1166 papers, as of 22 February, 2010), and is promoting the exhibition sales activities to invite more exhibitors from outside Korea. Moreover, the showcase is planned with information provision to travelers in the meeting venue as well as HaeUnDae area, and the various technical tours are being planned, including EV&ITS driving tour in the local cities of Japan. In addition, the organization committee is exploiting to set up the “Business Matching” to create more opportunities for the exhibitors to meet the business partners utilizing the on-line communication.
  • As already known, the Asia-Pacific region is the growing market, however, the Asian mega cities are suffering from the drastic population explosion and the increase of transportation volume. ITS is expected as the important tool for solving those problems. The Busan ITS World Congress is believed to be the perfect opportunity where the various ITS stakeholders get together and appeal the experience and technologies to seek the business chances in the field.