ADBI holds the Asia ITS Workshop in March


(Date: 13 January 2010)

Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI) will host the “Workshop on International Transport Systems” in Tokyo on 8–10 March, 2010 which is co-hosted by the Cabinet Office, the Government of Japan and ITS Japan. Participants will be from ITS-related ministries in Asian countries (ADB members), international ITS organizations and ITS-related organizations in ITS Asia-Pacific countries/areas.Asia is the fastest growing region in terms of economy and population of the world. The transportation volume keeps expanding and the population is concentrating to large cities very rapidly, which no other region has ever experienced. As a result, the Asia countries/areas are facing the enormous challenges. These may include the traffic congestion caused by mixed traffic, serious needs for enhanced public transportation and sustainability in environment. Some are different, but others are common in the Asian-Pacific countries/areas. In this workshop, the Asian-Pacific countries/areas will discuss the solution to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability in the megacities, identify the common problems and solutions, and build the network for ITS deployment among them.