Asia-Pacific strengthening the partnerships


(Date: 21 December 2009)

Since the Stockholm World Congress in September2009, ITS Japan, the secretariat of ITS Asia-Pacific, has been dynamically strengthening the partnerships with the Asia-Pacific countries/areas through Seminar on Expressway Development in Vietnam (October), Japan-Malaysia ITS Seminar (November),Indian ITS Conference & Exhibition (December) and the 5th China Annual Conference (December).

With the unprecedentedly-rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific countries/areas, the AP urban areas are experiencing the concentration of the population as well as the dramatic increase of traffic volume, and there is an urgent need for the solution of a number of traffic problems they are facing.

To tackle the situation with the cooperation of the Asia-Pacific, the ITS promoting organizations in the area established the “ITS Asia-Pacific”, and the 11 countries/areas signed the 1st Memorandum of Understanding in 1999.Now, the BOD members of the ITS Asia-Pacific have started the discussion for enhancing the current framework and structure in order to solve the traffic problems together and share the common vision for the better society.