ERTICO:e-miXer In-Time: the new Android mobile application for multimodal transport and traffic information in European cities


(Date:27 July, 2011)

 Do you often travel in Florence, Munich or Vienna? Do you want to know how to find a unoccupied parking space in Bucharest or Brno, which bus will take you to your final destination and when is the next departure… and much more? Developed by Softeco Sismat, partner of the In-Time Consortium, e-miXer In-Time™ is the latest In-Time compliant application to assist you while travelling and provide easy mobile access to multimodal travel and traffic information for Android smartphones and tablet PCs.

The App, which is now available on the Android Market, is a client of the e-miXer™ environment *1, also delivered by Softeco as a reference technological platform providing access to the In-Time B2B interface servers running in the six In-Time cities: Brno, Bucharest, Florence, Munich, Oslo and Vienna.

Like the e-miXer™ desktop web application, e-miXer In-Time™ uses data and services available through the In-Time Commonly Agreed Standardised B2B Interface to provide several Location Based Services (LBS) and Multimodal Journey Planning.  The data accessible through e-miXer In-Time are made available by the cities themselves and therefore the service provided may differ from city to city – always according to the needs of the city.  The actual user position – automatically provided by the phone –  or a specified location (address, POI) can be used to plan a journey from one place to another or to get information about Parking Places, Public Transport Stops or Traffic Alerts in the proximity of the user. Additionally, once a journey is planned, users can search for LBS information around the start, destination or intermediate points. Any of these points, in turn, can be used as the start or destination point for another journey, depending on the user’s needs and preferences.

Joining the other In-Time compliant Apps available for iPhone, Win 6.5 and Symbian smartphones, e-miXer In-Time™ bridges a gap in the very rapidly evolving market of smartphone platforms. According to figures from the first Quarter 2011, Android has achieved more than one third (36%) of smartphone market sales in Europe andis now the leading smartphone platform in France and the UK and very close to the top position in Germany. Market forecasts (Gartner) predict that by the end of 2012 almost half of all smartphones purchased worldwide will run on Android OS.

We expect that thanks to e-miXer In-Time™ on Android smartphones and Tab PCs, the base of users testing In-Time multimodal travel and traffic information services in Europe –   already quite large, with over 2500 users of the iPhone, Win and Symbian applications –   will increase even more dramatically in the next few months, providing a strong contribution to the validation and take up of In-Time services.
Marco Boero
Head of Division
Research and Innovation
Softeco Sisma 

Michele Masnata 
Mobility and Transport Team Leader
Softeco Sismat

Note to the editor:
In-Time will pilot and validate an innovative pan-European approach to Real Time Traffic and Travel Information (RTTI) services. The reliable and real-time delivery of these services to the individual traveller and to traffic management centres is likely to reduce drastically energy consumption in urban areas, across different modes of transport. The traveller is expected to change his travel behaviour according to the information he/she receives, opting for the most efficient and quickest modes for his/her travel journey.
In-Time is a Policy Support Programme supported by the European Commission Seventh Framework programme of Information Society Technologies. In-Time is a response to the European ICT PSP second call for proposals 2008, addressing Objective 2.2 ICT – for adaptive urban transport management infrastructure and services.
Duration: 36 Months, starting from the first of 1st April 2009
Total cost: €4.58 Million
EC contribution: €2.29 Million
Coordinator: Austria Tech
Partners: Telematix, Brimatech, Teleatlas, Mizar, Austro Control, micKS, Geo Solutions, Brněnské komunikace, ATAF, Softeco Sismat, Verkehrsverbund Ost, Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti, SINTEF, ASFINAG, Fluidtime, ERTICO, PTV, Swarco, Arsenal Research, Memex, TelMap

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