ITS AP: 11th AP ITS Forum and Exhibition Brief Report



(Date:22 June, 2011)

With the total participation of 611 people, including 459 congress delegates from 20 countries/areas, the 11th Asia-Pacific ITS Forum & Exhibition was successfully held on 8-10 June 2011 at Grand HI-LAI ARENA in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The event started with the host’s remarks from Dr. John Li, president of ITS Taiwan, and Opening Ceremony welcomed the speech from Mrs. Chu Chen, Mayor of Kaohsiung City,  Mr. Chi-Kuo Mao, Minister of Transportation and Communications, and Dr. Ko Yang Wang from Institute for Information Industry-III of Taiwan.

          Dr. John Li                Mrs. Chu Chen             Mr. Chi-Kuo Mao            Dr. Ko Yang Wang

The distinguishedspeakers are invited  internationally for Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session:

<Opening Ceremony>
    Mr. Scott Belcher     Dr. Hiroyuki Watanabe       Dr. Hermann Meyer           Mr. Chillho Lieu
         ITS America                   ITS Japan              ERTICO-ITS Europe       Korea Expressway Corp.

<Plenary Session>

Mr. Gerry Conover
PRC Associates, USA

Exhibition: With 27 public/private organizations from world-wide, the exhibition created a lot of networking and business matching opportunities for the delegates.

In Closing Ceremony, Prof. Jason Chang, Chair of 2011 ITS AP Forum overviewed the forum and Dr. John Lee of ITS Taiwan thanked the domestic and international colleagues for participating in the event.  After the short addresses from Mr. Hajime Amano of ITS Japan and Mr. Scott Belcher of ITS America made the closing remarks, the chairmanship was finally handed over to Mr. Mohamad Husin of ITS Malaysia, the host of the 12th AP ITS Forum in Kuala Lumpur next year.


Lastly, the 10 pre- and elementary school pupils were awarded as the winners as “Children ITS Drawing Competition ” sponsored bythe Kaohsiung City Government , and the event was successfully closed.

Other Topics:

On 7Jun, 2011, ITS Asia-Pacific Board of Directors welcomed ITS Indonesia as a new member,  and all the members signed the revised ITS Asia-Pacific Memorandum of Understanding.

In addition, Bi-lateral MoUs were signed between:
-ITS Thailand and ITS Malaysia
-ITS Thailand and ITS Taiwan
-ITS Taiwan and ITS America

Photo:  ITS America and ITS Taiwan 

Thank you very much.